WINNER—International Network of Golf Outstanding Achievement Award

“If you read only one golf-related book this year, this is the one. In a year filled with lots of good non-instructional books, How to Quit Golf stands out.... A smooth and funny read.”
—Chuck Stogel,

“A knowing, fond, and hilarious look at the things in golf that make us crazy.”
The San Diego Union Tribune

“Even if you don't want to quit the game, at least do yourself a favor: cross off all those worthless instructional books from your Christmas list and replace them with How to Quit Golf.”
—Kiel Christianson,

“In this hilarious send-up of 12-step programs and golf-buffs alike, Brass challenges golfers to ask themselves 15 questions to determine if they are "problem golfers.".... A perfect stocking-stuffer and a great gift from any and all golf widows or widowers.”
Publishers Weekly

“A tongue-in-cheek take on guiding the self-hating golfer back to sanity.”
Sport Detroit

“Craig Brass offers the guidance, counseling and tough love critical to ridding your life of the most addictive, demanding and maddening game known to man.”
Golf Illustrated

“The hole is nothing more than a padded cell with one entrance: enter the realm of this game and you will think of nothing more for the rest of your life than just quitting. How to Quit Golf is so funny, you may laugh to death; ergo, your problem is solved.”
—Gary McCord, Senior PGA Tour Player
and author of Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists and Golf for Dummies